The Certiifed Fingerprint Roller at MISSION DOC PREP can help you obtain USCIS Immigration records, boarder crossing records and State or FBI records that your attorney will need to review in order to properly asses your situation.

Our fee to roll each fingerprint card is $60.00.

If you already have your FBI or DOJ records and need the Apostille for Spain Visa or any other foreign entity, MISSION DOC PREP can assist you in obtaining an Apostille of your FBI or DOJ Criminal Record and/or Background check.

MISSION DOC PREP offers mobile fingerprint service to your location if you prder not to commute to our office.
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Our mobile operator hand delivers Notary Public Services, Apostille, Fingerprint services, and pretty much anything else our office offers directly to you. We take the stress out of commuting by offering dependable and on-time mobile Notary services throughout San Francisco, the Peninsula, and the surrounding Bay Area. We can come to you anywhere and anytime. We are available seven day per week to accommodate your schedule. We can meet with you anywhere throughout the San Francisco bay area at your convenience for a reasonable mobile fee depending on distance and time of day. We are reasonable, give us a call an let us know what you need. Fast, ethical and professional service; guaranteed.